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Chilli Con Carne with Cauliflower rice

Chilli Con Carne with Cauliflower rice


Made using only locally sourced fresh meats and vegetables.  A healthy Chilli Con Carne with Cauliflower Mash Keto meal, made with fresh ingredients. Blast Frozen within 30 minutes to lock in the nutrients.  This meal comes in a convenient tray that can be microwaved from frozen or defrosted to microwave or oven heat. KETO APPROVED with high fat and low carbs.

Ingredients: minced beef, tomatoes, tomato juice, acidity regulator(citric acid), peppers, onions, courgettes, tomatoe puree(tomato & salt) chilli powder(cayenne pepper, paprika, cumin, oregano, garlic) Rapseed Oil, Fresh Chillies(0.2%)


Nutrition Facts

Serving Size 400g 

Amount Per 100g Serving 
Calories 107kcal
Protein 8.5g
Total Carbohydrates 2.4g
Total Fats


Salt 0.3g
Sugar 1.6g


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