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Paleo is Taking the World by Storm – Here’s why!

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably noticed that there is a huge health and fitness drive in Ireland and further abroad in recent years. From the unlikely candidates now offering high protein versions of their snacks – think Mars, etc., to the incredible numbers of new gyms opening left, right and centre, it’s clear that people are eager to live a healthy, fit life. Strength training has enjoyed a surge in popularity along with diets, such as paleo.

It’s wonderful that so many people are keying into the realities of what can happen to our bodies when we don’t look after them properly and are searching for alternative ways to stay healthy. The Paleo diet has been gaining in popularity over recent years and now has swathes of followers around the globe.


Who’s on the Paleo Diet?

If you want to know who (in celeb terms) is living on a paleo diet before you make up your mind there’s lots of people to look to – and if you ask me, they all look pretty healthy.

In terms of actors and actresses, Matthew McConaghey, Jessica Biel are paleo converts, in entertainment circles, Jimmy Fallon and Jack Osbourne are on board, while in music, Tom Jones and Miley Cyrus swear by the benefits of paleo. In sports, there’s tonnes of athletes who trust paleo to keep them in peak condition. In tennis, Novak Djokovic is paleo, while Phil Mickelson in golf is also. The entire Lakers basketball team enjoy the benefits of paleo and so too have a whole host of other top performing athletes. When we see athletes who take their food and fitness extremely seriously choose paleo, we know that they’re onto something that is not just hype. It delivers.


What makes paleo different?

This is down to the fact that it isn’t just some fad diet. Rather, it’s a lifestyle change – for the better. If you decide to opt for a paleo diet, no one is going to insist you starve yourself, eat only soup, or juice, or whatever is the trend at a given time. You can eat a vastly varied diet, get all the nutrients your body needs, lose weight and feel full doing it.


Change is Hard

Nobody likes change, it pushes us out of our comfort zone. However, on a paleo diet, you can enjoy most of the foods you probably ate before. Is it that big a change? Well, that depends on how much processed food you eat before going paleo. If your diet consists mainly of highly processed ready meals then chances are, the switch to paleo might feel tough. However, if you eat a relatively varied diet of meat and vegetables with some processed food accompanying it, then the adjustment can be straight forward enough. But no matter how hard the change is, once you’re used to it you can start enjoying the benefits of paleo for good.


The Pay Off – or Benefits of Paleo

When we make a significant lifestyle change for health reasons, we want to know that our efforts are going to be rewarded. One of the main benefits of a paleo diet is that you eliminate processed food from your diet. While this could be seen as a con in the beginning, when you’d just love that sticky toffee pudding. It’s actually a huge benefit to your insides, making you feel less sluggish and more energetic and alert. Your pants may start to fit you better and with time, you don’t even want those highly processed foods because the clean foods taste so much better.


Community Participation

Another of the benefits of paleo is that, due to its popularity, there is a huge community of followers of the diet to engage with. This means that you don’t have to feel like you’re doing it alone. It’s great to get support when you need that little extra bit of encouragement. You can find paleo blogs, paleo recipes on Pinterest and tips and tricks from social influencers all over the web.


But isn’t it just Bunkum?

Ok, we’re not going to suggest you dig out a baseball bat and start clattering deer over the head in your local forest. It’s 2017 – there’s no need for that. None of us are actual palaeoliths, we sleep in comfy beds and centrally heated homes. However, with that said, there is a lot to be said for the germ of the idea behind the paleo diet. Namely, that back in Palaeolithic times there was no monosodium glutamate, or other additives in food. Food came from a plant or an animal and that was how it was enjoyed. Over the many, many years since we have lost touch with eating food fresh from nature. Our bodies have evolved to be perfectly synchronised with the diet offered in our local environments, yet now we choose to eat from packets shipped halfway around the world more often than we eat locally grown produce.


When we put the various benefits of paleo together, it’s easy to see why it’s taking the world by storm. If you’re interested in going paleo why not try out some of Paleo Ireland’s delicious meals to help make the transition as easy as possible for you.

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