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How Paleo Ireland's Meal Deliveries Can Make You Happier & Healthier

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Once upon a time, the notion of having food delivered to your door was strictly for a weekend when you wanted to throw your diet out the window and kick back with a cheat meal. This is no longer the case! In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of food delivery services operating around Ireland and an increase in variety too.


Sticking to a Paleo lifestyle can be tough in today’s hectic world. Most people now hit the road at 7 am or earlier to get kids to the crèche so that they can be into work on time. This, paired with ever increasing office hours, means the time needed to prepare balanced healthy meals is becoming ever scarcer. It’s not that it’s impossible, but when you’re balancing a demanding career with raising a young family, time is of the essence.


Paleo meal deliveries offer those of us under pressure for time a lifeline when it comes to ensuring that our nutrition is on point day in, day out. Paleo Ireland, a leader in the Irish market in terms of healthful food home deliveries, can help you and your family make the transition to a Paleo diet easily and without stress.


When you are running a busy family, with children heading out to various activities each evening, you need to ensure that they can eat their dinner without rushing. While also being sure that their food is giving them all of the nutrients their bodies need to sustain them through those activities.


When you’re following a Paleo diet, it is very important to allow yourself adequate time for meal preparation. This may be as simple as popping a couple of eggs on to boil in the morning while you’re getting the kids ready, or taking a couple of hours free to prepare meals on the weekend.



Look at the schedule and decide how much time you have realistically to prepare meals. Usually, tasks take us longer than we think they will, so add an extra bit of time on to allow for this. You can schedule in your prep times throughout the week so that you’re always on top of things. Where you know that you don’t have enough time to get everything seen to, including that very important down time for yourself, it’s worth considering ordering food in.


Choosing from a range of our meals, you are bound to find something to suitable for all tastes. When the paleo meal deliveries arrive, on a Friday, you can rest easy knowing that they will be fresh to enjoy for the next seven days allowing you to plan out your week stress free!



When we are living a healthy paleo lifestyle it’s important to address the messages that our minds are sending us too. Many people feel that ‘having’ to order food in signifies some element of failure as a parent. This is nothing more than self-sabotaging guilt. It doesn’t do anyone any good. As we have talked about before, living a paleo lifestyle is about getting healthy food, plenty of exercise and lots of rest time too. When we sacrifice any of these elements to ensure that we’re getting the other aspects right, our lives are knocked out of balance. Giving yourself the gift of time by ordering healthy Paleo Ireland meals can ensure that you live a more sustainable healthy lifestyle for longer.

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