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5 Tips to Eat Clean & Live Lean in 2017

Each new year brings an opportunity to tweak and improve your diet to look and feel better, and 2017 should be no different!

We at Paleo Ireland have put together our top tips for eating clean and living lean in 2017. It’s no surprise that we prescribe to the Paleo Diet, which aims to go back to eat how we were biologically designed.  

Check out the tips below to learn more:

1.Cut out the processed foods!

This is of course a tricky one for most, but as a rule of thumb - if you don’t understand most of the ingredients list, that’s a sign it’s not the best choice for a Paleo diet. Since our ancestors were hunter-gatherers, not farmers, try to stay away from wheat and dairy, along with Refined sugar,  salt and refined vegetable oils. This alone will prevent a dip in energy during the day and help you to stay alert.

2.Cut out the oil

Do your best to cut our vegetable and hydrogenated oils, but coconut and olive oils are certainly great to keep on hand. The reason to stay away from these processed oils? They contain excess omega 6 fatty acids and are lacking in omega 3. This can lead to high blood pressure , digestive problems and weight gain among other more serious issues.

3.Minimal Dairy

Similar to grains and pastas, our bodies weren’t designed for massive dairy consumption. While Dairy can add beneficial bacteria to your gut, but is also high in carbs and and insulin promoting. Most Paleo eaters choose to stay away from most dairy, so you may want to do the same.

4. Lifestyle

With a Paleo diet, eating times is one part of the process that is relatively flexible. Our ancestors ate when they were hungry, instead of fixed meal times, and you can do the same. If you miss a meal, don’t worry, whatever feels most natural to you.  Sleep is also extremely valuable, especially due to the reduction in stress gained from a full 8 hours of sleep. You should also plan your meals if possible. We often take the easy route, so if you don’t plan your meals in advance, you’re much more likely to make poor diet choices. Better yet, preorder your meals from Paleo Ireland so save yourself the hassle!

5. Keep it Interesting!

Most importantly, a Paleo lifestyle doesn’t mean a boring lifestyle. Keep things fresh with new, great meals that don’t sacrifice on taste.

PS: We can help with that!

Check back next week for some more great tips from all of us here at Paleo Ireland. In the meantime, browse our site to see some great promotions and meals, all Paleo focused.

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